The Golden Retriever

The golden is highly regarded as a companion dog-working dog because of its steady temperament and stabilty.  A golden retriever should be KFC – kind, friendly and confident.

If you are looking for a golden retriever puppy, we recommend that you make sure the breeder  is a registered member of Dogs ACT or Dogs NSW (etc), depending on the breeder’s state of residence. This alone, however, is not guarantee enough that the puppy you buy has been bred by a knowledgeable breeder and who’s sire and dam have been screened for inherited disease.

These days, mandatory health screening is required for hip dysplasia in the parents of puppies before litters can be registered. The National Golden Retriever Council (NGRC) is also seeking Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) support for mandatory screening of elbows and eyes prior to registration of litters.  Elbow and eye screening is not mandatory at the moment, but elbow, eye and heart screening are strongly recommended.  Golden retriever breeders are also screening via DNA testing for the inherited eye conditions PRA1 and PRA2 (Animal Health Trust, UK), and a skin condition, Ichthyiosis with Antagene France.  The NGRC recommends that DNA tests be conducted by the developers of the test with sampling by independent third parties (veterinary surgeon).

If you are not prepared to make a golden retriever part of the family, to be inside your home, to be exercised and groomed regularly, and not be left for long periods alone, then the breed is not for you.  Oh… you must own a good vacuum cleaner as they do moult.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

We are very new to the breed and, therefore, recommend that you discuss all aspects of owning a CKCS with the breeders listed on my Links page.  Nevertheless, we love the breed and we’re having great fun with Annie and Monty.

We do not breed and suggest you contact the breeders listed on my LINKS page.